03 - 04.09.2020

Background Design — Create a universe that serves the story

Following the success of the Color Key (2017) and Character Design (2018) seminars, FOCAL offers a new event along the same practice and theory-based methodology.
The setting of an animation film, which is secondary by definition, is nevertheless a key element that underlines dramatic aspects. During this two-day seminar, we will investigate research and development methods specific to this area and explore how the story guides visual choices. Manufacturing techniques will be discussed briefly, but they will not be the focus of this workshop, which is mainly devoted to the process of artistic set creation.
With the expertise of three renowned professionals, we will explore the many tools, methods, and constraints of set design by alternating theoretical presentations and case studies. Participants who wish to do so will be able to present their work and discuss it with the course leaders. This seminar will cover sets useable in animation films, but also video games and illustration.