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First-Ever Goes to Cannes Award won by swiss director Jacqueline Zünd

SWISS FILMS and the Marché du Film are thrilled to announce the winner of the first-ever Goes to Cannes Award: «Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying)», directed by Jacqueline Zünd and produced by Louis Mataré and David Fonjallaz.

Selected by Goes to Cannes Partner Festival Solothurn Film Festival, this delicately dystopian drama is set in a place of unbearable heat, where people are desperate for human warmth. Jacqueline Zünd‘s remarkable storytelling underscores the exceptional Swiss talent being celebrated, particularly as Switzerland is designated as the Country of Honour of this year’s film market.

Goes to Cannes is a unique showcase that brings together film festivals and markets from around the globe, presenting a curated selection of original works-in-progress by today’s most promising talents. Every year, the Marché du Film offers film festivals the exclusive opportunity to host their own showcase in Cannes, featuring films in various stages of post-production. This dynamic program serves as a promotional platform for festivals and markets, allowing international talents to pitch their creative visions and connect with potential sales agents, distributors, and festival programmers.
This year’s Goes to Cannes program is made even more special thanks to Sideral Cinema, the Spanish film studio specializing in the sales and distribution of international independent films. Sideral Cinema has generously offered an MG (minimum guarantee) of €10,000 to the deserving winner.

Congratulations to Jacqueline Zünd, Louis Mataré, David Fonjallaz and their team for their win and their outstanding project!

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